Medical grade UPF 50+ Fashion

Our Mission

We want to end skin cancer “one tail at a time.”

Protect Your Tail creates the most desirable daily sun protection experience by blending classic fashion with luxurious UPF 50+ fabrics into everyday wardrobe staples. We invite like-minded people to champion our vision.

burgundy edge of pool

Our Vision

We will remove the “either stylish or sun-protective” conundrum of today’s closet and replace it with the solution of “both.” Dressing rooms of the future will be filled with pieces elegant in appearance and sun-protective in performance.

Our Brand Story

Tracy is a mom whose goal is to end skin cancer “one tail at a time.” Post-melanoma diagnosis, she committed herself to learn everything about sun protection.

She found that most brands’ protection was short-lived and not comfortable enough for her husband (who plays golf) and sons. Tracy resigned from her career as a teacher and devoted all of her time and energy to bring the most comfortable, long-lasting UPF 50+ style to discerning golfers.