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The woman you’re meeting today is not the woman you met a few years ago. Thank God my husband loves us both. I relished my first, carefully planned, meticulous life with rules to obey, expectations to follow, risk reductions and certainties, but my second life is much more free! Since 2015, I’ve evolved 180 degrees from early bird to night owl, juice bars to happy hour, walking the beach to hiking mountains, long hair to short, county employee to entrepreneur and from choosing the smoothest pavement most taken to peeling right off the road. As trite as it sounds, I suppose the inciting event was a horrific break up. One that I just can’t shake.

The Sun is my oldest and dearest friend. She carries the wisdom of antiquity and strength to nurture all life as the epicenter of our universe. She was there for me as a toddler riding on the back of my mom’s fat bottomed tires down Daytona Beach, when I would race through the woods pretending my Schwinn was actually a horse named Wildfire, through every high school marching band practice, warmed my muscles while running stairs as a Predator cheerleader, glistened against my groom on our wedding day and illuminated the faces of our beautiful boys in the sandbox as babies or pitching from the clay as adolescents.

Before the time of adapters, energy drinks or Starbucks, She was my all natural, gratis afternoon re-charging station. After all nighters cramming for college finals, sleepless nights of nursing, exhausting days teaching high school, hectic rush hour carpools and 24/7 “momming,” She replenished my spirit and provided solace in her radiance. Even our pug puppy was smitten with her, curling up on the small of my back as we basked on our bellies.

Tracy’s Story

By pytfounder | August 28, 2020 | Comments Off on Tracy’s Story

Alas, the Sun is my newest and deadliest foe. Manifested as an infinitesimal black freckle, She obliterated my world. She now carries the power to ignite latent Melanoma lurking in my largest organ and She reminds me, daily, of her power to melt my full throttle active days into couch…

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To navigate a world turned upside down, ask yourself the opposite.

By pytfounder | August 19, 2020 | Comments Off on To navigate a world turned upside down, ask yourself the opposite.

The slopes were empty and we had the most spectacular vacation, together, thanks to asking the opposite.

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