Palm Desert Show August 26-28th!


                Available in Tahoe, Reno and Sacramento Golf Pro Shops, soon, in Palm Desert Country Clubs! 



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Revolutionary Fabrics

We searched the globe for the most comfortable, lightweight, cooling, wicking, UPF 50+ fabrics that feel silky smooth against the skin. The solar safety is constructed through yarn selection and weave creating life long protection. Our fabrics are tested and certified in the United States. Other brands rely on chemicals that wash out in the laundry.


Every day wear

Our daily wear designs offer peace of mind when your skin is under attack sunup to sundown. While commuting, working from the coveted corner office with a view, meeting friends for lunch or cheering your  your kids from the sidelines, do it in style!


Quest for a Cure

Portion of proceeds donated to AIM at Melanoma Foundation. 

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Washing/Drying Instructions



All of  revolutionary fabrics will take care of you as long as you take. Please take care of them.

Wash on gentle, do not use bleach, do not use fabric softener.


Dry on low heat for 5 minutes, then air dry.

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